Grateful Notes – A Package of ‘Expressions’ Cards to Replenish Your Jar– “Create Soul-Nurturing Notes”

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“Grateful Notes” – ‘Expressions’ cards to replenish your jar.   We are pleased to give you the opportunity to order matching note cards for your "Grateful Jars, thanks for asking, and shipping is free!  Fashioned and cut with loving hands, we offer you note cards in 3 styles, packaged in sets of 30 and 60 counts:


“Expressions of Gratitude” for your Grateful Jar

“Expressions of Love for your Vessel of Love

“Uplifting Self Expressions” for your Affirmation Jar


Choose whichever style suits you.   If you’re so inspired, you might want to mix and match the cards in your jar.  It’s all up to you, there are no rules; it’s your jar, use it your way.


Our faithful customers have encouraged us to create a line of cards with printed affirmations, and we’re happily in the process of writing them.  So, please check back from time to time, as we continue to grow this popular line.  In the meantime, you might want to click this link and check out our Grateful Surprise Package with Gifts of Nature, another customer inspired line.  Here’s the link to our Email List, if you’d like to receive an occasional newsletter or information about new products and specials.


(Would you like to have an Inspirational Jar, ‘Expressions’ Note Cards or Grateful Surprises made especially for you, to give as gifts, as favors for an event you’re planning, or as fundraisers?  We can make that happen!  Please Contact Us and get in touch, we’ll be happy to work with you.)

All of the products in our Grateful Jars Line are hand-crafted and in high demand.  Happily for us, they sell very quickly, so we keep an inventory on hand to fulfill your orders within 1 – 5 days.  Sometimes, however, the demand outweighs our supply, and it could take us up to two weeks to hand craft, package and ship the items to you.  In such instances, we will contact you to inform you of the delay.  We appreciate your understanding and support. Thank you for shopping at Nature's Soothing EssentialsTM.