It all began with “Buzzed?” Body & Room Mist, the seed that sprouted and grew into Nature's Soothing EssentialsTM.


On a steamy summer morning in 2014, sharing coffee with my neighbor and woes about being eaten alive by nasty little buzzers, fears about chemical products, as well as the challenges in living with sensitivity to perfumes, the brainstorm fell!  Let’s create an all-natural aroma using essential oils, like the essences from the flowers and herbs in our gardens that keep those dreadful creatures at bay.  The seed was planted, "Buzzed?" bloomed, and the roots of Nature's Soothing EssentialsTM took hold.

Nature's Soothing EssentialsTM flourishes with Creations Made By Loving Hands.    It’s inspiring and humbling to be embraced by the support of family and friends, who contribute in any way they can: sharing insights about the aromas, artwork, and prose.  It’s so gratifying to be encircled by two fellow artists, who use their loving hands to help with production:  mixing, pouring, packaging and shipping.  Working together is exhilarating, exhausting, and way too much fun; there’s passion too, we love what we do.  Our buds are blossoming into exquisite varieties of:  Body & Room Mists, Soy Candles, ShowerBlasts, Grateful Jars, and more.


We are so very grateful to our Customers.  Your enthusiasm, encouragement and support are truly amazing.   You are the foundation in our ‘Garden of Inspiration’We couldn’t be doing this without you.  Thank you.


From our hands to yours, Gifts Inspired by Nature, and made with love.

Please Note:

All of products are hand-crafted, giving you the personal touch that’s missing from the world of mass production.  Happily for us, they’re in high demand and sell very quickly, so we keep an inventory on hand in order to fulfill your orders within 1 – 5 days.  Sometimes, however, the demand outweighs our supply, and it could take us up to two weeks to hand craft, package and ship the items to you.  In such instances, we will contact you to inform you of the delay.  We appreciate your understanding and support.  Thank you for shopping at Nature's Soothing EssentialsTM.