• Grateful Jar – A Jarful of Gratitude – "Create Soul-Nurturing Notes"


    Celebrate Gratitude with a “Grateful Jar!” !” . . . Pen your thoughts on the cards, and preserve them in the jar.  Use and review the notes as you choose; there are no rules.  Include small keepsakes to remind you why, you are so grateful deep inside.  An “Attitude of Gratitude” is contagious; it’s powerful, it changes lives.  Every day we have the opportunity to recreate who we are:  to seek out the positives, to enjoy the moments, to be grateful for “what is.”  By practicing gratitude, through experience and expression, our attitudes change, as do our perceptions:  We recognize that what’s truly important in life is nurturing our souls.  Exercise the Power of Gratitude:  Gift It ...  Accept It ...  Return It ...  Inspire It!

    Each “Jarful of Gratitude” is lovingly fashioned by hand, the artwork, designs, and prose created by a local artist, to give you the personal touch that’s missing from the world of mass production.  Inside the jar you’ll find 30 lovely note cards in an organza bag, with an attractive pen, to create your ‘Expressions of Gratitude.  We hope you experience as much gratitude with your jar, as we do making it for you. 

    Whether you choose to write your notes every day or once in a while is up to you.  You might invite loved ones to jot a note, or use it as a family jar that everyone contributes to.   When the jar is filled, you may want to string the notes together and create prayer flags or garland to hang in your home; or burn them and send your “Expressions of Gratitude” out to the Universe as smoke signals, then bury the ashes to enrich the Earth; or you might just want to leave the jar just the way it is and begin another.  The notes can also be framed and mounted, laminated and turned into magnets, even rolled into paper beads; the possibilities are limitless.  It’s all up to you, there are no rules; it’s your jar, use it your way.


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    All of the products in our Grateful Jars Line are hand-crafted and in high demand.  Happily for us, they sell very quickly, so we keep an inventory on hand in order to fulfill your orders within 1 – 5 days.  Sometimes, however, the demand outweighs our supply, and it could take us up to two weeks to hand craft, package and ship the items to you.  In such instances, we will contact you to inform you of the delay.  We appreciate your understanding and support.  Thank you for shopping at Nature's Soothing EssentialsTM.